Real-time integration with E-Business Suite

AP Express provides real-time integration with Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) extending your EBS Payables application.

pricing-btm-img1We designed our integration to work with existing Oracle infrastructure, to leverage standard business processes, and to use terms already familiar to you. As a result, our integration provides greater synchronization and visibility into your organization’s payables liability and a minimal training component for a new application.
AP Express improves the efficiency of both centralized and decentralized Procure-to-Pay organizations by using purchase orders, suppliers, companies, business units, chart of accounts, receipt data–and more–directly from your EBS application. You can automate data capture, reduce manual entry and related errors, process invoices faster and more accurately, and reduce overall processing costs.


When you integrate AP Express with EBS, the benefits and features of your integration include:

  • 1Accessibility
    • View invoice images in EBS
    • View payables analytics for invoice processing time, invoice approval time, and top suppliers by counts and amount
  • 2Flexibility
    • Improve workflow by either enhancing your existing EBS workflow or implementing a standalone workflow with AP Express
    • Capitalize on 2, 3, and 4-way matching capabilities
  • 3Mobility
    • Access approval notifications via our mobile application
  • 4Saving time and money
    • Improve invoice processing speed
    • Reduce late payment fees
    • Capture more discounts
  • 5Security
    • Implement user-level operating unit security