AP Express, an automated invoice processing solution for Accounts Payable, provides a robust, scalable, workflow-driven system that easily integrates with your existing ERP application. With best-in-class features and a short, no-cost implementation cycle, you immediately reap the benefits of automated invoice processing with AP Express. Reduce data-entry errors, improve invoice processing speed, and direct employee attention to what matters most. Because automating invoice processing is not just about reducing processing time and transaction cost, it’s about creating great relationships with your suppliers by adding value to each interaction.




Upload, email, or scan invoices.




Data captured & automatically entered in data form.




Data validated, routed for approval & submitted to ERP for processing.




Information is archived & reporting is available.

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Most importantly for AP Express users, our Cloud-based product eliminates on-premise hardware and software investments.
  • There is no installation cost, and training time and costs are reduced because AP Express provides an intuitive user-interface accessible from any browser.
  • You save money on ongoing maintenance and storage costs because AP Express centralizes and stores invoice-processing data in the Cloud, making it accessible from anywhere.
  • Upgrades are included in our subscription-based model.
With these key features of AP Express, your Payables process can be efficient and make a valuable contribution to the health of your business, no matter where you do business.


Because a healthy business is often a global business in today’s marketplace, the business relationships you want to create and maintain with your customers and suppliers know no borders. Neither do we. With a multilingual user interface and a mobile app to manage workflow approvals and alerts, AP Express offers account payables automation that will travel. Join us.