Self Service

Your AR team spends too much time chasing checks and not enough time cashing them. And it’s not just AR that’s impacted. Sales and customer service are frequently enlisted to help out. The NIVO1 Supplier Portal is a FREE cloud-based application that allows you to submit invoices to your customers and manage inquiries on your own.

Free Your Team to do Their Job

View the status of your invoices on your own and learn whether the invoice is in-process, paid, rejected or awaiting approval. Upload new invoices and match to PO’s.

Eliminate Phone Calls & Emails

The NIVO1 Supplier Portal is available 24×7 via a web browser. It’s simple to use. And it’s FREE.

Take Charge of Your Profile

Keep your vendor profile and contact information up to date and never miss important communications from your customers.

See a Demo

Go self-service and stop chasing customers for payment information. Fill out the form and we will contact you to set-up a demo.