Fast Working Capital for Suppliers

Large corporations are extending their payments to 60 or 90 days, and sometimes even longer. This can put your business in a cash crunch, depriving you of the working capital needed for growth.

NIVO1Pay provides low-cost working capital through the NIVO1 Supplier Portal. You’ll receive early payment on your invoices, as quickly as the same day, ensuring you have cash on hand for large purchases, new equipment or new hires.

Benefits of our Working Capital Solution

Get paid early and apply cash to your priorities.
No need to extend your bank line of credit. NIVO1Pay provides next day/same-day access to working capital.
Easy access. Simply click “Pay Me Early” next to any invoice.
No credit checks. No applications. No hassle.

How NIVO1Pay Works

Step 1

Login into the NIVO1 Supplier portal and press the “Pay Me Early” button

Step 2

Complete the one-time activation process

Step 3

Get instant access to your available early pay limit (no impact on credit score)

Step 4

Select as many invoices as you want for early payment, up to your available limit

Pay Me Early

Speak with a payments expert and learn more about low-rate working capital solutions from NIVO1.

Get Paid Early With NIVO1Pay

NIVO1Pay is an online platform that allows suppliers to be paid in advance of the invoice due date, ensuring they have cash on hand to fund growth and support ongoing operations.