NIVO1 AP Automation

NIVO1 Accounts Payable Automation, our e-invoicing solution, reduces labor costs while improving accuracy and helping you manage cash more efficiently. It seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system and runs as a secure cloud service.

Implementations typically take as little as 30 business days with less than 5 hours of IT support.

How Our AP Automation Software Works

  1. NIVO1 is automatically synchronized with your ERP system to ensure consistency.
  2. Invoices are emailed, scanned, or uploaded through the Supplier Portal for processing.
  3. AI-powered technology intelligently extracts relevant data from the invoice and updates the information in NIVO1.
  4. NIVO1 confirms that data have been entered correctly, routes it for approval, and updates the ERP.
  5. All data captured during invoice processing is archived and available for analysis.

Improve Your Insight into Business Operations with Spend Analytics

NIVO1 AP Automation Advantages

Up and Running Fast
Go live in 30 days with just 5 hours of IT support.
100% Invoice Recognition
No invoice coding ever with Training-as-Service.
Supplier Portal for Free
Move to self-service and eliminate phone calls and emails.
Lowest Cost of Ownership
No hardware, software, or maintenance fees ever.

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