Quick Native ERP Integration

NIVO1 Accounts Payable Automation natively integrates with your ERP system. Installing the software takes less than 5 hours with minimal IT involvement, and configuration and training require 30 business days or less.

Scalable AP Automation Solution

Scalability is built into NIVO1 Accounts Payable Automation. Our customers range from several hundred invoices per month to tens of thousands. Whatever your volume, you can be confident that NIVO1 will meet your needs.

Secure Invoice Payment

We actively test for vulnerabilities and verify our controls through external audits. Our processes are audited to SSAE-18 and ISO-27001 standards for security and information management “best practices.”

Affordable Digital Payment Software

NIVO1 subscription pricing is based on the number of invoices processed. There are no software licenses, no hardware purchases and no expensive implementations.

No Hardware Purchases
No Software Purchases
No Expensive Implementations

Learn How AP Automation Solutions Work

Accounts Payable Automation can slash processing times and eliminate manual errors. How do they work, and what should you look for in an accounts payable automation solution?

Top 10 Reasons for Implementing AP Automation

Digital transformation is transforming the way companies conduct business. AP Automation is a prime example, and the business case for transformation is compelling.

Warning Signs That You Need AP Automation

The warning signs that you need an AP Automation solution are there. A growing business, margin pressure and end user demands are leading indicators.

Best Out-of-the-Box AP Automation Solutions

Vendors often represent their AP Automation solution as being “out-of-the-box.” However, the reality of the implementation is often quite different. How do you guard against this?

Importance of Native Integration with an ERP System

Native integration is much more reliable and cost effective than file-based integration, and in harmony with the objectives of digital transformation.

Total Cost of AP Automation Ownership

Building a business case for an AP automation solution can be complicated. We routinely help customers in the development of a business case and an ROI assessment. After all, we have a lot of experience.