Reduce Manual Tasks

NIVO1 Accounts Payable Automation automates the entire AP process. Invoices and vouchers are scanned and digitized, eliminating the inevitable errors associated with manual entry. Workflows speed the process from entry to final approval and archival.

Elevate Performance

According to the Aberdeen Group, the industry average for processing a single invoice is 14.2 days, with costs ranging between $5 and $25 per invoice. NIVO1 AP Automation can save an average of $16 per invoice in processing costs and slash processing time.

Generate Rebates with Digital Payments

Replace checks with virtual cards and ACH payment. You’ll earn generous rebates while reducing costs and the potential for fraudulent payments.

Improve Transparency with an Accounts Payable Automation Platform

NIVO1 AP Automation provides everyone in finance with full transparency and visibility into the accounts payable process. AP Automation digitally documents each step and provides a full audit trail, from receipt to archive.

Learn How AP Automation Solutions Work

Accounts Payable Automation can slash processing times and eliminate manual errors. How do they work, and what should you look for in an accounts payable automation solution?

Top 10 Reasons for Implementing AP Automation

Digital transformation is transforming the way companies conduct business. AP Automation is a prime example, and the business case for transformation is compelling.

Importance of Native Integration with an ERP System

Native integration is much more reliable and cost effective than file-based integration, resulting in a much lower total cost of ownership.

AP Automation Best Practices

7 steps to ensure your AP Automation implementation goes flawlessly and delivers transformational value.

Best Out-of-the-Box AP Automation Solutions

Vendors often represent their AP Automation solution as being “out-of-the-box.” However, the reality of the implementation is often quite different. How do you guard against this?

Get Paid Early With NIVO1Pay

NIVO1Pay is an online platform that allows suppliers to be paid in advance of the invoice due date, ensuring they have cash on hand to fund growth and support ongoing operations.

Extend and Enhance Digital Control of Your Payables

NIVO1Pay Virtual Cards extends and enhances the digital control of your payables, ensuring accuracy by aligning invoices and payments in the same end-to-end system.

Unlock Working Capital and Strengthen Your Supply Chain

The NIVO1 Digital Supply Chain Program provides a consistent and affordable source of funding to ensure a vibrant and healthy supplier ecosystem.