AP Express saves you money from Day 1.

  • 1No-cost installation and implementation gets your solution up and running in as little as 30 business days without implementation and training fees.
  • 2No new hardware or software investment with Cloud-based AP Express, which eliminates the hardware and software costs typically associated with initial installations and each upgrade cycle.
  • 3No consulting or training fees with seamless upgrades via the Cloud, we eliminate upgrade services and training fees.
  • 4No user licensing fees with pricing by invoice processing volume. You pay for what you use, not who uses the product.

And, the savings accumulate from there. In addition to an affordable pricing structure, AP Express saves money over the long term.

pricing-btm-img1Reduce per invoice processing time. Automation reduces your processing time and optimizes your cash flow by shortening the time from receipt to approval to payment. Improving AP efficiency means that you can capture more earned discounts and eliminate late fees.
Assuming even a five-minute reduction in per invoice processing time means that for every 1,000 invoices you process per month, you can save 5,000 minutes, or 83 employee work hours. Use the time saved to provide value added services and enhance business relationships.
pricing-btm-img2Reduce per invoice transaction cost. . Automation reduces the amount of interference each invoice receives. Research indicates a 1% average data entry error rate. Using that benchmark means that for every 1,000 invoices you process per month, 10 of them will include a data entry error, which creates a cost to correct, longer processing time, and a potential impact on business relationships.
With AP Express, you can receive and process invoices electronically to eliminate data entry error. Workflow-driven approval gets the invoice to the right user on time. Use the time saved processing errors to provide value-added services and enhance business relationships.