Nivo1 Network

NIVO1 is a Digital Supply Chain Network for buyers and suppliers to conduct business and get access to low-cost working capital solutions. The NIVO1 Network digitally connects any company with its suppliers, enabling the entire supply chain to transact and collaborate more efficiently.

For Buyers

Buyers use NIVO1 AP Automation to process and approve invoices and pay suppliers. NIVO1Pay reduces payment expense and generates incremental revenue.

For Suppliers

Suppliers use the NIVO1 Supplier Portal to send invoices, track approvals and get paid. Suppliers also get access to working capital to accelerate payments.

A Complete Solution for Buyers & Suppliers

The NIVO1 Network is a software as a service platform that runs securely in the cloud. NIVO1 integrates directly with buyer ERPs and can be up and running in 30 business days.

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