How it Works

AP Express easily integrates with your ERP system to create a seamless flow for processing of an invoice. Using AP Express automates the entry of invoice information to your ERP, eliminated the potential errors of manual entry.




Upload, email, or scan invoices.




Data captured & automatically entered in data form.




Data validated, routed for approval & submitted to ERP for processing.




Information is archived & reporting is available.



Step 1 – Upload, Email, or Scan Invoices

You can upload, email or scan invoices directly to AP Express and receive an email notification upon completion.

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Step 2 – Data Captured & Automatically Entered in Data Form

Sophisticated character recognition technology in combination with invoice header- and line-level modeling captures the data from the uploaded invoice and updates the information in the appropriate fields. This automation reduces manual entry and related errors.

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Step 3 – Data Validated, Routed for Approval and Submitted to ERP for Processing

The AP processor confirms all data has been entered correctly and routes it for approval or submits the invoice for ERP processing.

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The invoice status is updated to reflect that the invoice has been sent to the ERP system.

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Users with the AP Express Mobile App receive workflow notifications on their mobile device where they can use the mobile app to review and take action on approvals. (iOS and Android)

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Step 4 – Information is Archived and Reporting is Available

All of the data captured during the invoice entry process is archived. The Archive can be searched dynamically for any value or text. Results can be viewed at the invoice header or line level. Results can be exported to Microsoft Excel® in CSV format with the click of a button.

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