Our AP Automation Solution: NIVO1’s Supplier Portal

Your Accounts Payable Team spends 35% of its time dealing with suppliers, which translates to each Accounts Payable team member spending roughly seven days a month working for your suppliers. The NIVO1 Supplier Portal is a FREE, cloud-based application that enables suppliers to submit invoices and manage inquiries on their own. Suppliers gain transparency and predictability of their cash flow, and you get your AP team back!

Free Your Team to do Their Job

Suppliers can view the status of their invoices on their own and learn whether the invoice is in-process, paid, rejected or awaiting approval.

Eliminate Phone Calls & Emails

The supplier self-service portal is available 24×7 and it’s FREE!

Nivo1 Supplier Portal

Get your AP team back! Download the solution sheet and put your suppliers in self-service mode