Adding NIVO1Pay to your AP Automation program extends and enhances the digital control of your payables, ensuring accuracy by aligning invoices and payments in the same end-to-end system.

NIVO1Pay offers a broad set of payment capabilities that work alongside your existing bank relationships to help you maximize cost-savings and offset the cost of NIVO1 AP Automation software.

NIVO1Pay Virtual Cards: How They Work

NIVO1Pay Virtual Cards are single use account numbers that process a payment against a predetermined limit equal to the amount of the approved invoice. Once an invoice is approved, NIVO1Pay automatically and securely generates a unique card number which is transmitted to the supplier for payment.

  1. Select Suppliers you would like to pay with a Virtual Card
  2. Suppliers receive an email containing payment details, and remittance information
  3. Suppliers are directed to the Commercial Payments Portal to retrieve the Virtual Card number
  4. Suppliers enter the Virtual Card number at their POS terminal

Simple Set-Up and Implementation

A NIVO1Pay program is best implemented in parallel with NIVO1 AP Automation. A dedicated NIVO1 project manager will lead the effort, supported by a team of supplier specialists. They understand the needs and constraints of your suppliers and will have your program up and running fast...with little to no effort on your part.

Virtual Cards
Electronic Funds Transfer

Nivo1Pay Has a Strong Value Proposition to Buyers and Suppliers

Value to Buyers
Generous Rebates &
Enhanced Security
Value to Suppliers
Faster Payments &
Greater Visibility
Value to Buyers & Suppliers
Automated Reconciliation &
Integrated Workflow

Earn Rebates

Speak with a payments expert and learn how virtual cards and ACH can drive down costs and generate rebates.