Nivo1 AP Automation for JD Edwards

NIVO1 AP Automation provides a native integration with JD Edwards Financials. We’ve already done the hard work to establish and manage the exchange of data between systems. All of the underlying master data from JD Edwards—suppliers, companies, business units, chart of accounts, purchase orders, receipts—are synchronized and available in NIVO1 AP Automation. Once invoices are processed and approved in AP Automation, that record becomes a voucher in JD Edwards and is ready for payment. After the payment is made in JD Edwards, the voucher, pay status and payment details are passed to NIVO1 AP Automation for archival.

Finance Users Love Nivo1

Installed and operational in less than 5 hours, NIVO1 AP Automation takes less than 30 business days for a full deployment.
Master data is automatically synchronized between JD Edwards and NIVO1 AP Automation ensuring accuracy.
NIVO1 AP Automation uses the same field names as JD Edwards. Users are trained and up and running in less than a day.
NIVO1 supports 2-way and 3-way PO matching, while training-as-a-service ensures 100% invoice recognition.
Built-in analytic dashboards track key processing and performance metrics. Track AP approval times by month and calibrate your staffing requirements for the busiest times of the year.
Approved invoices are archived online for easy retrieval and auditing.

Our JD Edwards Team

The NIVO1 AP Automation system was designed and built by product managers and product specialists who know JD Edwards. Our team’s expertise includes an extensive background — over 30 years — in JD Edwards financial and accounting software as well as experience in the internal use of JD Edwards.

JD Edwards Product Sheet

Download the product sheet for more information.