AP Automation

It takes just 5 days to activate AP Automation. You'll have access to a fully working system ready for final tuning and training.

We provide a native integration to ERP systems. It communicates using web services and understands both the structure of the ERP system and the required data elements. It automatically synchronizes data with the underlying ERP on a real time or scheduled basis. Moreover, it is maintained by NIVO1, eliminating the need for ongoing support from IT.

First, AP teams tend to be distributed especially in larger organizations. A distributed, but accessible and reliably-connected infrastructure is required. SaaS applications fill this need. In fact, most ERP applications are being moved to the cloud for the same reason. Secondly, SaaS solutions don’t require capital outlays for hardware and software. Instead, a company pays an annual subscription fee, based on the number of invoices processed. As a result, the total cost of ownership for a SaaS solution is much less than an on-premise equivalent.

Subscriptions are priced on the basis of the number of invoices processed. There is no per user charge nor licensing fees. The NIVO1 Supplier Portal is part of your NIVO1 AP Automation and is free of charge to your suppliers.

As a SaaS application, we continually enhance and improve the solution. You automatically get access to these enhancements at no additional charge.

Supplier Portal

A recent study reported that 35% of an AP staff member’s time is spent support suppliers. They are responding to inbound emails and phone calls from suppliers inquiring on the status of invoices and when they are going to be paid. The Supplier Portal is a self-service solution which frees your team to focus on their priorities, not inbound inquiries.

NIVO1 does all of the recruiting of your suppliers. Just provide us the contact information for your suppliers and we will activate them.

The Supplier Portal is free. There is no cost to the buyer nor the supplier.

Suppliers can view the status of their invoices and learn whether the invoice is in-process, paid, rejected or awaiting approval, and when they will be paid. They can upload invoices directly into the Supplier Portal and bypass email and direct mail. Suppliers can also update their vendor master profile information. We are adding more functionality all the time.


Payment solutions like virtual cards and ACH are much less expensive and more secure than checks. They also provide generous rebates back to suppliers. Finally, they help suppliers by providing faster payments and better reconciliation.

We have done all the hard work to extract payment information from your ERP system and deliver it to our payment partner for execution. The end-to-end process can be monitored within NIVO1 AP Automation.

Virtual cards are highly secure and not susceptible to fraud. They also carry remittance information which makes them easy for suppliers to reconcile with their billing system. Finally, virtual cards are much less expensive than checks, which cost between $10 and $25 to process.

The amount of your rebate is tied to the dollar value of your payments. The more payments you make using virtual cards and ACH, the larger your rebate. Contact us and we can provide you a good estimate after getting answers to just a few questions.

Supply Chain Financing

Supply chain financing preserves buyer working capital and enables buyers to grow DPO through extended terms. It also provides buyers a consistent, affordable source of funding for the entire supply chain.

Supply Chain Finance is our joint program with a financial partner with substantial assets.